LUCC and University Committees

LUCC is looking for good leaders who are committed to improving social and academic life at Lawrence.  IF you are interested in serving on any of the following committees please contact to learn how to join. You can fill out the application to sit on a committee at any point during the year, under Committee Applications.

Standing Committees of LUCC

Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA)

Residence Life Committee

Student Welfare Committee (SWC)

Committee on Community Service and Engagement (CCSE)

Student Alliance Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (SAASHA)

Committees of the Faculty 

Committee on Academic Advising

Committee on Curriculum

Committee on Instruction

Committee on Public Events

University Committees

Committee on Diversity Affairs

Committee on Financial and Physical Planning

Committee on Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education (SHARE)

Committee on Sustainability