How do I find an organization to join?

There are many opportunities to find out about organizations on campus such as attending the Activities Fair in Fall and Winter Terms to see students from all student organizations on campus, or you can check out our list of current student organizations.

Can't find what you are looking for? Then you might ask yourself, "how do I start a student organization?" See below.

Where do I find meeting times for an organization?

Most organizations have a regular meeting time. You can contact the Student Activities Office at 920-832-7676 to find out. You can also contact the Student Organization leader or check out the student organization's website by looking at the organization's information on our Directory of Student Organizations.

Is it easy to join a student organization? What if I decide to leave the organization?

You can join or leave an organization at any time. Many organizations welcome new members throughout the year and want those members to be involved with the mission of the group in large and small ways from attending meetings to participating with events. However, if you feel you can no longer be part of an organization for whatever reason, you should let the leadership of the organization know that you will no longer be involved.

How do I stay engaged as an organization member once I join?

It is important to remember that while you should be trying new things, there are only 24 hours in a day. Figure out why you wanted to be a part of the organization and focus on what skills you can work on while being involved in the group. Narrow down your extracurricular activities once you've tried or looked into many different options. Attend meetings as much as possible and try taking on new tasks that need to happen for events that your organization is putting on. Look for opportunities to be a leader within the group and on different projects for the organization. If you ever have questions on how to stay involved, talk to the leaders of the organization or contact the Student Activities Office at 920-832-7676.

How do I start a student organization?

Want to start something new? Check out our how-to guide.