Things You Pay For


We typically have postage stamps in these denominations.

  • $.01
  • $.05
  • $.36 (Postcard)
  • $.55 (Forever Letter)
  • $1.20 (International Forever Letter)
  • $11.00 (Books of 20 Forever Letter)

Postage Labels

Most types of USPS package services require tracking barcodes. We can provide labels similar to those provided through the USPS website with tracking.

Because most packages require tracking, we must type the address in to our software to send most packages. We are required to cover your original addressing with the address label.

Things That Are Free


Mail Services has a limited amount of envelopes no longer useable by Lawrence available. 


Lofgren Mail Services does not stock boxes of any given size or type. We keep boxes returned to us by students and staff. If you are renting text books, it is strongly recommended that you keep the box that your books were delivered in so as to make the return of those books as easy and stress free as possible.

Packing Materials

Similar to boxes and envelopes, Mail Services has a limited amount of packing materials. These materials are procured in the same manner as boxes.

We also have packing tape available for the use of students, staff, and faculty.