International Shipping Guide

International Shipping

International shipping is available at Lofgren Mail Services only through USPS.

Things To Remember

Have your information correct: Name, address, international phone number for customs, list and cost of items being shipped.

The price of shipping most things to any international destination has recently risen sharply.

Do not seal international packages as all dutiable contents within them must be weighed.

Due to the necessity of weighing contents of international packages, please allow for the process to take longer than other transactions.

When shipping many separate items in a single parcel or multiple parcels, prepare a list of the items in each parcel.

Delivery times vary greatly depending on the destination country; it's always better send sooner rather than later.

Due to the length of time taken to process an international package, packages can only be processed Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 3:00 p.m. 

Shipping Internationally Restrictions:  There are restrictions on what items can be shipped internationally.  Below is a general list: (Other items maybe restricted according to the country accepting the package)

Air Bags
Alcoholic Beverages
Dry Ice
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Marijuana (medical or otherwise)
Nail Polish
Perfumes (containing alcohol)
Live Animals, Lithium
Medicines & Prescription Drugs
Medical Devises
Perishable items
Glues, Firearms

***Please note,  There may be an extra charge as your package arrives in customs.  This is determined by the countries customs authorities.  This is not the responsibility of Lawrence University. ***