Wait a minute...Register your address with the Registrar's Office

Is your address up to date? Before thinking about forwarding you should consider whether or not the Registrar's Office has your most current address on file. Click here to be taken to the Change of Address form. You can print the form and mail it or deliver it directly to the Registrar. You can also email the information requested on the form directly to registrar@lawrence.edu. You must provide all the information requested on the form in the email or it will not be processed.


Forwarded Letter Mail

Student mail is generally forwarded when a student is on leave, on break, or has graduated (up to 3 months after leave, break or graduation).

Students studying abroad will have their mail held at in the mailroom until they return.  Postage is more than the standard postage stamp rate and is not enough to forward internationally.

Students who have graduated will need to update forward address with the post office. Use the link to fill out the proper information to have your mail and packages sent to your current address:  https://www.usps.com/manage/forward.htm

Mail received in the mailroom after September 1 for graduating students of the new academic year will not be forwarded.  packages and mail will be returned to sender. 

Not all letter mail can be forwarded. If mail mail cannot be forwarded, it may be returned to sender, or recycled depending on the circumstances.

Forwarded Packages

Only packages sent via United States Postal Service can be forwarded. Only certain package services are eligible for forwarding. UPS, Amazon, Fed Ex. Fed Ex Express, and DHL are not eligible to be forwarded.   Packages are not forwarded by default and you must contact Lofgren Mail Services to have them forwarded.  All shipping cost to forward a package is the responsibility of the student.  Payments cannot be added to a students account.  Credit Card payment is accepted.

If you need a package forwarded please use this form.