Digital display boards list campus center events, LU events, announcements, and upcoming movies. Boards appear on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors. To promote your event, submit a digital poster at any time prior to the event. Posting dates and duration will be limited.

Digital poster specifications

Submit a .jpg file of the following proportions: 960 pixels by 720 pixels.

Using a digital poster template  

  • Template - use with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Add a title to your event
  • If you like, add a short paragraph about the event. Hint: In Microsoft PowerPoint, insert a text box (from the menu bar, go to Insert - Text Box). Use your mouse/cursor to draw the text box. Type the message and format the text as needed.
  • Add the date, time, and location.
  • List the sponsor.
  • Add a picture or clip art. Hint: In Microsoft PowerPoint, click in the area designated for a photo. Right-click and choose 'Change Picture' from the pop-up menu. Locate the image file (or clip art). Resize the image by selecting the corner of the image; drag the corner to change the image size.
  • Change the template's background image, if desired. Hint: In Microsoft PowerPoint, from the menu go to Design - Background Styles. Select the preferred background.
  • When you're satisfied with the file, save it as type .jpg. Hint: From the menu, go to File - Save As; change the file type to .jpg.

Submitting your digital poster

Use the Digital Display Request Form.

The file will be reviewed and then uploaded for display on the digital display boards.

Cinema digital posters

Submit a .jpg file of the following proportions: 1080 x 1400 pixels. Only posters for upcoming movies will be accepted for the cinema digital display board.

  • Movie poster template - use with Microsoft PowerPoint