Please follow the instructions below when applying


Please complete the Bjorklunden proposal form below. There are several things to consider when scheduling a weekend. Registration Opens Wednesday, April 6, 2022!

First, on the form you will find a list of the available weekends. As it is impossible to assign every group their first choice weekend, the second and third choices must be valid options. If there are compelling reasons why one weekend is better than the others, or one weekend is the only available option, please take the time to articulate those reasons in the space provided.

Second, make certain to check for any major conflicts that might affect your pool of participants for a given weekend.

Last, please estimate your number of participants conservatively. It is clearly in the larger interest of the Björklunden program to run the risk of wait-listing a few students rather than repeatedly underutilizing the lodge.

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS ONLY: When you submit your on-line application, a copy of it will automatically be sent to the Office of Student Activities. Your application will be reviewed and then you'll receive an email regarding your submission. Your application will be considered by your submission date.

PLEASE NOTE: Handwritten applications will NOT be accepted.

You may propose a program for any of the weekends listed below. Please note the campus activities for each weekend on the LU calendar.  Please consider any other potential conflicts relevant to your group!

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Planned Objectives to Meet Your Goals

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