Videos of Björklunden

A Look at Björklunden (YouTube; July 30, 2009)

This is Lawrence - Björklunden (YouTube; November 8, 2011)

This is Lawrence - A Weekend Retreat  (YouTube; January 28, 2011)

The Lawrence Minute - Bjorklunden (YouTube; October 7, 2013)

This is Lawrence - Reconnecting: Terry Moran (YouTube; October 11, 2013)

The Lawrence Minute - Greyfell Theatre Company (YouTube; January 6, 2014)

The Lawrence Minute - Language Immersion Weekend (YouTube; May 9, 2014)

Baileys Harbor Historical Society: Björklunden (YouTube; August 23, 2014)

Press About Björklunden

Vacation with a learning focus - picturesque Door County by Karen Lee, Examiner (9/30/2012)

Bjorklunden: Learning outside the box by Pauline Walle, Post Bulletin, Rochester, MN (8/22/2014)

Memories of Björklunden by Patty Williamson, Peninsula Pulse, Baileys Harbor, WI (9/26/2014)

Boyntons' Björklunden: A continuing gift to Door County by Patty Williamson, Peninsula Pulse, Baileys Harbor, WI (9/26/2014)

Björklunden Offers Unique Learning Opportunities by Margaret Koss, Fox Cities Magazine, Appleton, WI (5/27/2015)

Virtual Tours of Björklunden

Right now, wouldn't you love to be sitting in the Great Room looking out the windows at Lake Michigan, or watching the birds among the cedars? Perhaps you long for a quiet moment in the Chapel. Whether you are familiar with the beautiful northern campus of Lawrence University or have never visited Björklunden before - here's your chance to check it out. Spend a minute or two in the virtual rooms below and you'll feel like you’re right at the estate! Although we’d much rather have you stop by in person, you can get your virtual Björklunden fix as often as you like right here!

Virtual Tours compliments of Steve Benning Digital Commercial and Industrial Photographic Services.