Help! I can't get the registration form to work

Don't worry!  We can help.
  • First, you'll want to click on the 2018 Bjorklunden Seminar Registration Form.  It should open in your browser's window--make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled for Lawrence's website! 
  • Second, if you move your cursor near the top of the registration form, a black toolbar should appear with a few buttons.  You want to click the one that looks like a down arrow pointing at a line.  That tells your computer to download the document.  You'll likely get a pop-up to 'save as'.  Name it something easy to remember!  Click save.
  • The next part is what causes the most trouble, so bear with us!  You're going to want to go into your computer's documents--don't fill out the form that reappeared on your screen!  You want to find the file you just saved.  The easiest way is to type the file name into your computer's search bar.  Double click on the document name, and the file should open. Note: you will need Adobe Acrobat in order to open this PDF. 
  • Once the file is open, fill out the form! 
  • When you've completed the form, click 'file' in the upper left hand corner to open the menu, then click 'save'. 
  • Then, open your email account, attach the document, and send to Bailey! 

What is included in the seminar fee?

The seminar fee includes everything; tuition, lodging, and meals. It does not include gratuity for student staff, required or recommended materials, Wednesday dinner, or transportation to and from Björklunden.

Is gratuity included in the seminar fee?

Gratuities for Bjorklunden's student staff are not included in the registration fee.  We encourage participants to leave an amount that they think accurately reflects the level of service they received.  Tips are split evenly among our staff of 10 Lawrence University students. 

Are there required materials for each seminar?

In short, no!  There are many seminars that do not require any books or supplies.  If you are a note-taker, we encourage you to bring a notebook and writing utensil--Bjorklunden no longer provides those items to participants. If an instructor does require (or recommend) a book, it will be listed in the seminar booklet, or it can be found by clicking the seminar title on our seminar page.  And, some instructors will provide articles throughout the seminar week.  For art-based seminars, the instructor may choose to purchase supplies to share with participants, and in that case, a materials fee will be applied to the registration fee.

My seminar ends on a Saturday. Do we meet for class on Saturday morning?

No, Saturday ending seminars do not meet for class on Saturday morning. Seminars ending on Saturday usually have an event--like a concert or an art show--on Friday night. Participants can stay at Bjorklunden Friday night, and have breakfast on Saturday morning before departing.

Will seminars ever be canceled?

Unfortunately, yes. There are a number of factors at play when determining whether or not to cancel a seminar, but if a decision is made to cancel, participants will be notified immediately. If participants have made a deposit or full payment, Bailey will work with them to process a refund, transfer the amount to another seminar, or turn it into a Boynton Society donation (which means early registration for next year!)

I can only attend a seminar for a few days. Can I still register?

Absolutely! We understand life is busy--especially during the summer--so we have introduced a daily registration rate! Subject to availability, it is $90 per day, per person and includes seminar attendance for the day, as well as lunch.

Is there public transportation to Björklunden?

The closest you will be able to get with public transit is Green Bay--Door County does not have a bus station, train station, or public airport. We strongly advise participants to rent a car if they are arriving in Wisconsin via plane, train, or bus.

What is the daily schedule at Björklunden?

Daily schedules change based on what the instructor has planned, but most seminars work within the typical weekly schedule listed here.

What should we do for dinner on Wednesday night?

Door County has so many options, we are sure you'll find something to love!  Guide books with restaurant listings can be found throughout the lodge or you can ask Kim and Alex for suggestions.  

I'm planning on staying at Björklunden for a few weeks. Is there a public laundry?

We don't have a public use laundry facility at Björklunden. However, if you're our guest for an extended amount of time, you are welcome to use the washer and dryer in the kitchen--just schedule a time with Kim or Alex.

When are there tours of the Boynton Chapel?

Public tours are held on Monday and Wednesday, from 1pm - 4pm, and seminar participants can go for free! Participants can always visit the chapel outside of tour times--just ask a staff member where to find the key.

Björklunden has a lot of acreage. Are there trails we can walk?

You bet! There are about 5 miles of trails throughout Björklunden's 441-acre estate. They are well marked and guests are welcome to explore on their own. If you prefer to learn while hiking, Jane Whitney leads two hikes on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1:15pm.

How do we order tickets for Door Shakespeare?

Door Shakespeare puts on two plays in Björklunden's garden from late June - early August. Tickets are available through their website, or by calling their box office at 920-839-1500.

How can we get tickets for Midsummer's Music Festival?

Midsummer's Music Festival holds a few concerts at Björklunden during their summer series. Tickets can be purchased on their website or by calling 920-854-7088.

Do you have firepits for guest use?

Yes! There are two firepits at Björklunden--one near the main lodge and one closer to the lake. Feel free to have a fire when you are staying here, but please make sure there isn't a burn ban in place!