Sharing the Center Space

The Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is a welcoming place for curious, intentional, respectful engagement with persons of similar, different or no religious tradition, and for quiet personal reflection and spiritual practice.

We welcome all individuals and groups from the campus community and the Fox Valley who contribute to the goals of the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life. The Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life has been designed to promote a balance of open space with planned gatherings. Each of the rooms can be reserved individually. 

The first floor is fully accessible and we encourage a "no shoes" environment.

Shoes and backpacks

Members of the Lawrence community, may reserve a room by using the LU Room Reservation System (find system instructions here).

Requests are managed based on availability at the time of the request, and we prefer three business days advanced notice.  Our practice is to have at least one open space available for drop-in usage at all times.
Approvals for space requests not specifically related to spiritual and religious practices will be managed within a three week window.  This guideline is subject to change as the Center's needs change and approval is at the discretion of the Center administration. 






Kitchen / Community Room 114

Lawrentians are welcome to enjoy the space, but options for cooking are currently offline.   Safety Precaution Room Capacity=3/8


cooking area of Sabin House kitchen

The Kitchen/Community Room is a large set of rooms that serve host a range of activities.  Beyond the kitchen area the space has an electric piano, large screen TV connected to the campus internet, and a number of tables and chairs.  The Kitchen/Community room can accommodate small religious services, community meals, small seminar, study groups, and faith based observances such as Día de los Muertos or Diwali.  Users are encouraged to read the kitchen policy posted within the space for guidance on food sharing, food safety, and general kitchen courtesy. Kitchens across campus are each equipped differently, and the items within a kitchen belong to that space.  However, consistent practices of use are intentionally encouraged across all the campus common kitchens. 

students cook in Sabin House kitchen

several students pose with diwali rangoli creation

The space is also used to support the dietary needs of several religious communities during special religious observances throughout the academic year. The versatility is intentional and the space is home to many regularly scheduled activities. Abuse of this shared space may result in denial of future use.  Please do not use this kitchen for the purpose of taking food or beverages out of the space for another event. The Community Room can be reserved through the Lawrence University reservation system.



 Living Room 113


Safety Precaution Room Capacity=5

The Living Room at the Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is located on the first floor and is a comfortable space that students staff and faculty visit to find respite from  distractions.  Natural light and a variety of seating styles make this ideal to any user's comfort level. 

Shabbat in Sabin Living RoomSmall departmental meetings, coursework, lunch or dinner, Center programs, group sharing and studying are a few of the activities one might find in this cozy room.

Dia De Los Muertos Presentation in the Sabin House Living RoomA few items of note while using the space

  • The fireplace is strictly decorative
  • The pump organ is operational
  • This room can be reserved through the Lawrence University reservation system.



  Meditation Room 112

aerial view meditationusually maintained as a open space for drop in