Institutional Data and Information

The Office of Research Administration compiles an extensive variety of information about Lawrence University and serves as the university's official source of institutional data. We are in the process of sharing commonly requested data with a wide range of audiences. While some results are available to the general public, others may be restricted to certain constituents on campus. 

Do you have a request for data not currently posted on the website?

ORA can fulfill requests for data through the Data Request Form below. ORA will only provide aggregated data and will not include any details that could be used to identify individuals in compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Lawrence University Office of Research Administration guidelines. We do not provide real-time data. 

Be assured we will work with you to fulfill your request in a timely fashion. However, the complexity and scope of the request, the purpose of the request and its relation to institutional priorities, and the volume of requests received may impact the date of completion. To ensure that we meet your needs for the requested data, it is important that we receive your request two to four weeks in advance of the date you require the information. To best meet your needs and manage our workflow, we suggest contacting us in advance for more extensive requests. Due to human resource limitations, we currently can only fulfill requests that directly support the institution, which does not currently include student research projects.

Page content last updated on 3/10/2021.