Performance EvaluationLawrence University’s mission states that the university is “committed to the development of intellect and talent” and that we “actively foster a transformative process that emphasizes engaged learning, supported by an environment of rich educational opportunities.” This focus on learning extends to how we develop our staff, in addition to our students. Annual performance evaluations and regular feedback on performance are the cornerstones for effective, engaged employees. 

Performance evaluations must be completed annually for all staff. The self-evaluation and supervisor evaluation should be drafted and shared with the employee during June - July. The completed evaluation submitted to Human Resources by July 31.

A timeline and key links to documents are outlined below:

Early June

Complete your Self-Evaluation

June - July

Supervisor completes performance evaluation form and conducts evaluation meeting with employee

July 31

Performance Evaluations due to Human Resources


Goal Settings Documents & Resources
Performance Evaluation Documents & Resources

Updated documents coming soon