Contract Approval and Signing policy

This policy describes the general guidelines for the review, approval and execution of all contracts for expenditure of University funds and outlines the authority of various University officers to sign contracts.  The purpose of this policy is to protect the interests and manage the legal and financial risks of the University.

Contract Approval and Signatory Authority 

Fraud Reporting Policy

The purpose of this policy is to foster an ethical and open work environment, ensure the University has a governance and accountability structure that supports its mission, and to encourage, enable and protect its directors, officers, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and others of the University to raise serious concerns about the occurrence of illegal or unethical actions within the University before turning to outside parties for resolution.  This policy is intended to encourage individuals who believe fraud is occurring, to bring it to the University's attention.  The University will promptly and thoroughly investigate the matter to bring violations to a halt as soon as reasonably possible and to determine further action, which may include discipline of those who engage in unethical or illegal behavior.

Fraud Reporting Policy (PDF)

Gift Card Policy

The policy sets forth the guidelines and procedures for the purchase and distribution of gift cards, gift certificates and Viking Gold (“Gift Cards”) purchased with University funds, to ensure compliance with the University’s tax withholding policies and reporting obligations.

Please note, gift cards may be purchased with University funds only for:
• Student prizes
• Human research subjects participating in research studies (requiring Institutional Review Board approval)

Gift cards may not be purchased with University funds for the purpose of giving an employee or a volunteer a “gift”, “reward”, or “thank you”.

The below policy outlines the procedures which need to be followed before the purchase and after the distribution of gift cards.

Lawrence University Gift Card Policy (PDF)