Financial Services is made up of the following areas: Accounting, Accounts Payable, Student Accounts and the Cashier.  Accounting handles all general ledger transactions including budgetary items.  Accounts Payable processes the payment of invoices and expense reimbursements.  Students Accounts and the Cashier assist with all student billing and payments.  The Student Accounts and Cashier's offices are located in Brokaw Central. 

COVID-19 and Financial Services

Financial Services is modifying some of our usual policies and practices to adapt to pandemic conditions.

  • Procedures for electronic processing of invoices and disbursement requests - see Accounts Payable page
  • Reminder: add activity code 372 to the account coding for unplanned expenses incurred as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. This will help Lawrence track and report on our extraordinary costs.

CERTIFY credit card and cash expense reimbursement reporting

Effective January 1, 2021 all employees will be using a new program called CERTIFY to submit their credit card reports and their cash expense reimbursement requests. CERTIFY allows for this process to be more time efficient and paperless! The CERTIFY system is user friendly and has a wide array of support tools to accommodate all learning styles and help employees navigate the program. If you are accustomed to having administrative support staff assist you with your credit card report or reimbursement requests, the CERTIFY system also supports this effort with their "Delegate" feature.  Most administrative staff have participated in a "Delegate Power User" session to get prepared to help campus in their role. Please contact your department's administrative support team member or contact the following Financial Services team members mentioned below for assistance. In addition, please refer to the 2nd edition of the Lawrence CERTIFY guide for additional tips and FAQs.  The guide will be continually updated as we learn of new tips and FAQs for the benefit of campus. 

Financial Services support:
Amy Price ( 832-7164
Brandie Jewett ( 832-6542
Kay Guilette ( 832-7205

Lawrence CERTIFY Guide_Edition2.pdf