Credit Balance

Is your "Current Balance Due" a negative number? What does this mean?

In some instances, your "credits" (scholarship, grant, loan, and/or payment) might be larger than your "charges" (tuition, room, board, fees, etc.). If you see a negative number as your balance due, this is a "credit balance."

What are your options if you have a credit balance?

You can choose from the following**:

  • Reduce your loan(s) - send an email to the Financial Aid Office
  • Leave the credit balance on your account - your credit balance can be used to pay current charges and/or will carry over and apply to the next term
  • Receive a partial or full refund

Partial Refund

  • Go to the Cashier Window located on the first floor of Brokaw Hall during Week 1
  • You can receive up to $500 of your credit balance within 24 hours of your request.

Full Refund

For Students without a Parent PLUS Loan

  1. Enroll in eRefund online in CASHNet
  2. Notify the Financial Aid Office that you'd like to receive a refund for the term. 
  3. After you've enrolled in eRefund and updated your Credit Balance Authorization Form, refunds will processed by the Student Accounts Office after the completion of Week 2; typically refunds are processed by the end of Week 3 of the term.

For Students with a Parent PLUS Loan

Refunds are issued to the parent by check or electronically to the student. If the parent borrower would like to change who the refund is issued to, the parent borrower should complete the PLUS Loan Credit Balance Authorization (PDF).

**Credit balances due to over payments made by wire transfer will remain on the student billing account for future charges or returned to the sending institution.  Lawrence University will not act as an intermediary for transference of funds through the credit balance refund process.


Use the link below to access your billing statements or to make a payment.cashnet