Lawrence graduates from the Posse 8 cohort

As one of the first institutions in the nation to be founded co-educational, the ideal of inclusivity at Lawrence stretches back to our earliest days. In the nearly 170 years since our founding, our shared understanding of diversity and inclusion has grown and changed, and our efforts to enhance the learning environment and community experience have deepened. Although there is much work ahead of us, we firmly believe that, through shared efforts and commitment to diversity and inclusion, we will make progress.

The "loving large" at Lawrence principles: loving learning, loving ourselves, loving our community

Loving Learning: We enthusiastically embrace rigorous learning in which those involved are empowered to bring all aspects of who they are to the educational enterprise. We understand that optimal intellectual development occurs when there is significant challenge accompanied by sufficient academic and emotional support. Consequently, we seek opportunities to encounter and create new knowledge.


Loving ourselves: We acknowledge that we cannot truly recognize and respect the humanity in others without first understanding and accepting ourselves. As a result, we strive to be allies who empower each other in becoming effective self-advocates for what we need to thrive in this academic environment. We are gentle with ourselves and others as we develop these skills. Ultimately, we work to find harmony between the demands of engaged liberal learning and self-care.


Loving community: We strive to embody the idea of Ubuntu, a term from southern Africa commonly translated as "I am because you are" or "a person is a person because of other people". The idea values the critical contributions each of us makes to creating a vibrant educational experience due to our unique backgrounds, culture, beliefs and approaches to learning.We acknowledge and support our interdependence as we strive to create a just, equitable and inclusive community in which we work and learn.