Lawrence University is committed to creating a community where every person feels welcome, valued, and able to succeed. This is an ongoing and collaborative effort with initiatives across campus. This site tracks progress and reports on the outcomes of these initiatives.

About the Campus Climate Survey

In Winter of 2018, all campus constituents (faculty, students, staff, and administration) were invited to take the campus climate survey. The results are being used to guide campus efforts to make Lawrence University a more welcoming place for all.

Who administered the survey? 

The Lawrence University Office of Research Administration administered the survey and the President's Committee on Diversity Affairs (PCDA) will disseminate survey results and findings.

What will Lawrence do with the results?

The results will guide future endeavors to improve the Lawrence Community. Survey findings will provide current campus attitudes and beliefs which will shape any university changes to improve the Lawrence community.

Click here to view the following documents:
  • 2018 Campus Climate Survey Summary
  • Town Hall PowerPoint Slides
  • Survey Questions
  • Overall Frequency Distribution by Item
  • Truth and Reconciliation. 
Additional Questions: 

Contact: Dr. Eric Mayes, Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Professor of Education,, 920.832.7451

Campus Climate Committee 2018-2019 
  • Co-Chairs: Jerry Metalsky  and Brittany Bell
  • Monica Rico
  • Monita Mohammadian Gray
  • Cecile Despres-Berry 
  • Ryan Gebler 
  • River Brooks 
  • Awa Badiane 
  • Horacio Contreras