The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Lawrence University facilitates the institutional mission of the development of intellect and talent, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, the cultivation of sound judgment, and respect for the perspectives of others in several critical ways. Specifically, it provides information, policies, and programs that enable the prevention and redress of discrimination, as well as, the promotion of intergroup collaboration, empathy, and cultural competence on the part of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners. Ultimately, the office works to create an environment in which all of the University community can reach their unique potential.     


Our vision is to become a national leader in achieving inclusive excellence within the context of a liberal education.

Loving Large at Lawrence: Loving Learning, Loving Ourselves and Loving Community

Loving learning is the philosophy behind our mission and vision, which centers on the predisposition Lawrentians have to enthusiastically seek out opportunities to encounter and create new knowledge while bringing all of who they are to the educational enterprise. It also speaks to our understanding that optimal intellectual development occurs when significant challenge is accompanied by sufficient academic and emotional support. Loving ourselves is about becoming strong self-advocates and working to find harmony between the demands of rigorous, engaged liberal learning and self-care. It’s also about accepting ourselves so we can do the same for others. Loving community is based on the idea of Ubuntu, commonly translated, “I am because you are.” It is about acknowledging and supporting our interdependence as we strive to create a just, equitable and inclusive learning community.


  1. Provide leadership for creating a welcoming climate on campus and in the community that values the unique contributions each student, faculty and staff member makes to the educational experience.  

  2. Support each individual, office, organization and department in developing the skills, knowledge and habits of mind to approach their work with cultural competence, humility and an equity mindset.

  3. Design institutional policies and processes to assist in the prevention of discrimination and bias related offenses.

  4. Help to provide redress when discrimination occurs.

  5. Assist with the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff and student body.

  6. Work in collaboration with colleagues across campus to ensure that Lawrence graduates develop the intercultural competence necessary to lead fulfilling, successful lives in an increasingly diverse world.

  7. Facilitate the development of meaningful assessment of diversity related outcomes for students, faculty and staff.