Academic Freedom

Lawrence University, a liberal arts college and conservatory of music, is dedicated to the development of intellect and talent, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, and the cultivation of critical literacy and sound judgment. To that end, members of the Lawrence community are free to engage in, speak on, and write about scholarly research and creative activity without fear of censorship or retaliation. In the classroom, laboratory, and studio, teachers must be free to teach and students free to learn; we must be free to challenge each other’s beliefs, to explore new ideas and critically examine old ones, and to listen to others without disruption. Knowledge, skill, understanding, and creative expression are acquired through interactions that are often complex and even controversial. Although these interactions may at times cause discomfort, they may not be obstructed. Intellectually honest and vibrant communities engage in complex interactions and the ability, hereby protected, to exchange ideas in a spirit of mutual respect is essential to our educational mission.

Lawrence University faculty, as well as invited speakers and performers, may express their views publicly. However, the University may restrict speech that is defamatory of character, harassing, or infringes a protected right to privacy or confidentiality.

adopted, 7 February 2017