Approved by the Technology Advisory Committee, May 2010


This document describes 1) what happens to a graduated student's Moodle data and 2) a schedule for deleting old Moodle courses.

1. When students graduate...

Early in the summer, the Registrar shifts the status of graduated students from Active Students to Alumni. This triggers a process in ITS that deactivates student LU network accounts. Once this occurs, graduated students can no longer log in to Moodle. Faculty can, however, continue to access student files and grades in a Moodle course until a graduated student's Moodle account is deleted. Graduated student Moodle accounts are deleted on July 15.

What does this mean for Moodle?

If members of your department collect student work in Moodle and you plan to use that work for assessment or other purposes, do not depend on Moodle to archive it for you. Open any documents that are in Moodle that you want to archive and save them to your department's network share folder before July 15. Moodle documents for continuing students will remain in the system (until they graduate).

Deleting student Moodle accounts also has an important impact on the Moodle Gradebook since graduated students will disappear from the participant list as accounts are purged. If you routinely archive your grades and you make use of the Moodle Gradebook, make certain to export your Moodle Gradebook to Excel before July 15.

Why are student Moodle accounts deleted?

ITS routinely recycles network usernames from year to year. If John Smith (smithj) graduates in 2010 and Janet Smith (smithj) enrolls in 2011, the "smithj" network id is allocated to Janet. In order to avoid conflicts with John Smith's Moodle stuff, his account must be deleted in order for Janet to be able to login to Moodle with the same network id (smithj).

2. Will my Moodle courses ever be deleted?

A process for routinely deleting old Moodle courses will begin in the summer of 2010. Moodle has been in production at Lawrence since 2004 and is beginning to develop quite a bit of digital mass. Having a process in place to delete the oldest courses will help reduce "Moodle bloat" and help ensure that the system stays as responsive as possible.

During the summer of 2010, and each subsequent summer, all Moodle courses that are more than 5 years old will be deleted. For example, in the summer of 2010, we will delete all courses that are labeled with a [F04] [W05] or [S05] code in its course title. If you wish to archive anything in a Moodle course scheduled to be deleted, or if you have a course that is less than 5 years old that you would like deleted, please contact Jedidiah Rex for assistance.

Additionally, we will continue to delete Moodle courses that belong to an instructor who no longer teaches at Lawrence. These courses will be kept in the system until December 1 following the instructor's departure, providing him/her an opportunity to migrate Moodle content to another system.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please contact David Berk.