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Canvas Timeline

Lawrence began to consider a move from Moodle to Canvas during spring of 2020. After running a Canvas pilot in the fall of 2020, the response from faculty and students was very positive. During winter 2021, faculty governance endorsed a recommendation that the campus adopt Canvas. Training for instructors will occur over the summer of 2021. Moodle will remain available for courses during the 2021-22 academic year, but faculty are encouraged to host their courses in Canvas beginning in fall of 2021. After spring 2022, Moodle will only be available for faculty to access and retrieve course materials.  See the FAQ page for more details.


All users, courses, and course enrollments are fed to Canvas directly from Banner. Within an hour of officially registering for a course, a student's enrollment will be synchronized with Canvas.  Because of this, students are unable to self-enroll in Canvas courses; however, faculty can manually enroll students if necessary. 

Resources for Faculty

  • Transition FAQ: information about how the migration from Moodle to Canvas will work.
  • Canvas Q&As: Answers to various Q&A faculty have asked during Canvas training sessions.
  • Canvas Training: schedule of training opportunities during summer of 2021.
  • Canvas Support Chart [requires Office 365 login]: who to contact for Canvas support.
  • Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist [requires Office 365 login]: a guide for instructors to use while developing an online portion of a course. Contact Jedidiah if you have any questions about the checklist.
  • Canvas Tips and Recommendations: a collection of resources curated by Jedidiah Rex.
  • Faculty Self-Paced Training: walks an instructor through the nuts and bolts of working with Canvas. The course can be found on the Canvas Dashboard.