Moodle and Canvas

Lawrence has used Moodle as its Learning Management System (LMS) since 2004 and will begin to transition to Canvas in 2021.  Instructors can use the LMS as a tool to facilitate online activities such as making documents and assignments available to students, collecting assignments, enabling online discussion, delivering quizzes, among many other activities. Learn more about Moodle or Canvas.

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio is Lawrence's preferred method for faculty and students to share video.  Faculty can easily share videos with an entire class.

Interactive Video

Canvas Studio has an interactive video tool that allows instructors to deliver quizzes from inside a video and to have the quiz results automatically flow into the Canvas gradebook.


Instructional Technology was deeply involved in e-portfolios for Education students for several years.  As the web has evolved and certification requirements have changed, the Education department now coordinates all aspects of student teaching portfolios.  See more about e-portfolios here.