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How can I create a Moodle course for a class I am teaching?

Login to Voyager and select Academic Services >>  Instructor Menu >> Classes Taught & Scheduled.  Go to the Inst Tech Tools column for the desired class and select  More >> Moodle Class >> Submit >> Submit.

Why can't my students see my Moodle course?

Click Edit Settings in the Course Administration block in your course and set Course Visibility to "Show" and click Save and display.

How do I change the course settings (appearance theme, course start date, etc.)?

Click Edit Settings in the Settings block in your course.

How can students sign up for a course?

A student need only navigate to the Moodle course's homepage to self-enroll. Password protection may be applied by the teacher, in which case the specific enrollment key will be required at the time of enrollment.  NOTE that Moodle course enrollment is NOT connected to official course registration.  Contact the Registrar's office for questions related to official enrollment.

How do I find out who is enrolled in my Moodle course?

Instructors can click Users >> Enrolled users in the Settings block to view course participants. Instructors can make the Moodle class roster accessible to students by adding the Participants block.

Can additional instructors be assigned to a Moodle course?

Yes.  Send an email to inst-tech@lawrence.edu with the request.

How do I e-mail students from Moodle?

Posting a message to the News forum will generate an email to all of your Moodle participants.

How can content from previously taught courses be imported into a new course?

From the Settings block, select the Import link, choose the previously taught course and follow the on-screen directions.

How can I set custom time limits for individual students on Moodle quizzes?

In the Quiz administration block there is a link "User overrides." Click this link and you will be able to choose one or more users and change quiz times.


What is my Moodle username?

Use the same username and password that you use to login to Webmail or the Lawrence network.  If you're having password problems, contact the Technology Services Helpdesk at 920-832-6570.

I've dropped a course but it still appears in my Moodle course list.  How do I get rid of it?

Send an email to inst-tech@lawrence.edu with to be removed from a Moodle course.

Can I stop getting emails from Moodle?

Unless the instructor has forced a subscription to a forum, students may turn off email notifications by unsubscribing in the forum.

How can I see my instructor's assignment feedback?

The simplest way is to go to the same page where the work was uploaded. You may also click the Gradebook link (if your instructor has enabled it) and follow the link to the assignment. Additionally, an email notification may be sent by the teacher with a direct link to the feedback when the assignment has been graded.