Digital Media Toolbox


Refer to the Digital Media Toolbox for a wealth of information about how to approach a project involving digital media.  Faculty that are designing a student assignment involving digital media (podcast, video project, mapping project, etc.) should contact Andrew McSorley, Reference and Digital Liberal Arts Librarian.

Video Editing

Which computer labs have video editing software available?

The 15 iMacs in the Film Studies Computer Lab (Chapman 013) have iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite (including Premiere).

The 6 Mac Pros in the Film Studies Editing Lab (Chapman 015) have the Adobe Creative Cloud suite (including Premiere).  NOTE that this lab has restricted access.  Contact the Film Studies Program Support Coordinator (832-7336) for more information. 

The 6 iMacs in the Humanities Computing Lab (Main Hall 108) have iMovie.

The 13 iMacs in the Computational Art & Science Lab (Steitz 128) have iMovie.

The 12 iMacs in the Music-Drama Computer Lab have iMovie.

The 6 PC's in the Warch 408 lab have Adobe Premiere.