The office of who?

The office of Corporate, Foundation, and Sponsored Research Support assists faculty with external grantseeking to support scholarship, research, artistry, and outreach.

And you do what, exactly?

We can help throughout the grants process, including helping you evaluate ideas and determine the scope of your proposed project. CFSR can identify funding opportunities, help you navigate grant guidelines, assist with budget development, and revise and polish proposal narrative to build the strongest case for support.

What if I’m not in the sciences?

Grants are available across all disciplines. CFSR works on grants for the sciences, humanities, and arts, as well as general LU grants like scholarships, bricks and mortar, and programs. And we work with all kinds of funders: corporations, foundations, associations, and state and federal agencies.

When should I contact CFSR or the Provost about a grant idea?

When you decide to apply for an external grant or fellowship, you should complete the Intent to Seek External Funding form. Completing this form does not obligate you to submit the planned proposal, but it does give the Provost and the CFSR office a heads-up.

The earlier you contact us, the more we can help! Starting early gives you the best chance of finding funding.

If there is any cost share required (money Lawrence would be required to commit to the project), it is especially important that you involve the Provost as early as possible — ideally by November of the academic year before the year you would need the money. This lets the Provost plan for the cost share in his budget. All proposals involving a Lawrence cost share must be approved by the Provost before submission.

Can I apply for grants on my own?

If the grant will be payable to Lawrence University, then CFSR must approve the proposal before submission. This ensures that the budget reflects LU standard policies, that all institutional information is up to date, and that your proposal is appropriately coordinated with others that might be going to the same funder. On the other hand, if you are applying for a fellowship or other grant that is paid directly to you as an individual, you may apply on your own if you wish.

Does Lawrence offer grants to faculty?

Yes! The Provost oversees several internal grant funds. Small grants (a few hundred to a few thousand dollars) are available for conferences and professional development; curriculum development; and for research, artistry, or outreach that you or your students are undertaking.

How can I learn more about grantseeking?

Watch your email for announcements about Faculty Grants Workshops. We offer a number of workshops each year on various topics, including an “Introduction To Grantseeking” workshop for faculty of any discipline.