Managing Your Grant

Congratulations! You have just been awarded a grant. Now the fun starts. But first…
Be aware that grants administration and reporting is generally your responsibility. It is important that all conditions of the grant be handled in a timely and professional manner, as this reflects on Lawrence as an institution. Poor grants management may even affect our ability to obtain future grants from the agency.
When a foundation or agency sends notice that they have awarded you a grant, you will receive an official award letter that explains the provisions of the grant. This letter will state information such as how you will receive your funds, project period, restrictions, and reporting requirements. Please bring this award letter, the check (if they sent one), and any other documentation to the CFSR office for processing.
CFSR staff will arrange for a grant start up meeting with all interested parties and also prepare a Grant Award Memo detailing who is responsible for what. We will also notify the Finance Office of the award, and they will set up a fund account for you. When you need to spend money on your expenses, you may then charge to this account number rather than your department’s account. If any portion of your salary or your students’ research salary is to be paid by this grant, then a CFSR staff member will make arrangements with the Payroll Office on your behalf.
It is very important that you pay attention to the reporting deadlines. As always, we are more than happy to assist you in preparing or submitting the reports. If you do submit a report, then please send us a copy for our records.