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Corporate, Foundation, and Sponsored Research Support

The Corporate, Foundation, and Sponsored Research Support (CFSR) team in the Development Office supports the university’s fundraising efforts, primarily through grants for faculty research and for larger institutional projects. Acting as a clearinghouse for all grant submissions, we work collaboratively with the President's Office, the Provost's Office, and faculty members to ensure that all proposals conform to the funder’s guidelines, fit the mission of the school, and reflect the high standards of Lawrence University.

External Funding

Faculty members in a wide range of disciplines secure grant funding from external sources: private foundations, government agencies, and corporate sponsorship.  The Corporate, Foundation, and Sponsored Research Support Office (a.k.a. the "Grants Office") will work collaboratively to support your search for external grants.

If the grant will be payable to Lawrence University, then CFSR must approve the proposal before submission. This ensures that the budget reflects LU policies, that all institutional information is up to date, and that your proposal is appropriately coordinated with others that might be going to the same funder. If you are applying for a fellowship or grant that is paid directly to you as an individual, you may apply on your own if you wish, yet we encourage you to consult with CFSR to increase the likelihood that your application will be funded.

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When should I contact the Provost or Grants Office about a grant idea?

The sooner the better!

It is never too early to approach us with a grant idea, we can help at any stage of project or proposal development.