Members (2019-2020)

Antoinette Powell (chair)
David McGlynn
Joseph Gregg (Spring term only)
Thelma B. Jimenez-Anglada (Spring term only)
Ian Bates (Spring term only)


  1. To recommend to the Faculty, students for honors in course or independent study, criteria for honors, and procedures that students must follow for honors in independent study
  2. To publish and circulate such criteria and procedures to faculty members and appropriate students
  3. To select a faculty member to represent the Committee at the oral examination of each candidate for honors in independent study. The committee representative has no vote on the examining committee. The Committee will make every effort to ensure that no faculty member is asked to serve as its representative more than once in an academic year.

Honors at Graduation

The faculty of Lawrence University grants honors at graduation to encourage students to do superior academic work and to recognize superior performance.

Honors in Course and Honors in Independent Study recognize two distinctive kinds of academic achievement, and students may receive both types of honors. Students who distinguish themselves in fulfilling degree requirements are awarded Honors in Course primarily on the basis of their cumulative and degree GPAs. Students who complete significant independent projects may submit their work for evaluation for Honors in Independent Study.

Honors are awarded in three grades: cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude (highest). Honors are granted by vote of the faculty on the recommendation of the Honors Committee and are indicated in the Commencement program and on official transcripts.