Members (2021-2022)

Stephen Sieck (At Large, chair), Ameya Balsekar (Social Sciences), Marcia Björnerud (Natural Sciences, II, III), Deanna Donohoue (Natural Sciences, I), Catherine Gunther Kodat (Provost and Dean of the Faculty), Rob Nielson (Fine Arts), Brian Pertl (Dean of the Conservatory), Monica Rico (Humanities); Angi Long, (Registrar, ex officio), Gretchen Revie (for the Director of the Library, ex officio).


To serve as the primary agency of the Faculty in overseeing the coherence and integrity of the curriculum and in facilitating curricular innovation and reform, and in that role to:

  1. Engage in planning for the Lawrence curriculum, recommending to the faculty and the administration new curricular directions and initiatives that are informed by the results of curricular assessment (through communication with the Assessment Committee), as well as changes in degree requirements, the calendar, and the University’s participation in cooperative programs with other institutions;
  2. Develop and maintain a faculty staffing plan, advise (along with the Governance Committee) the administration on changes to number and distribution of faculty lines and assist in the approval and conduct of faculty searches, as described in Chapter III of the Faculty Handbook (and in consultation with the President’s Committee on Diversity Affairs);
  3. Evaluate proposals for the creation, elimination, and substantial revision of majors, minors, and programs, and to recommend to the Faculty those proposals that the Committee considers consistent with the University’s purposes and standards;
  4. Recommend to the Faculty changes in University policy for the creation and elimination of majors, minors, and programs;
  5. Evaluate periodically the General Education Requirements and the Freshman Studies and Senior Experience Programs, and when appropriate, to recommend changes to the Faculty; and
  6. Assist departments and interdisciplinary programs in the conduct of periodic reviews of their curricula and in the implementation of curricular changes that may result from such reviews.