Academic Advising Committee
Minutes, Sept. 24, 2019

Present: Beth De Stasio, Pete, Gilbert, Monita Mohammadian Gray, Curt Lauderdale, Angi Long, Andy Mast, Linnet Ramos, Rosa Tapia (Chair)

Rosa called the meeting to order at 11:05.

Moodle Site: Rosa displayed the draft Moodle site for Advising.  Angi Long described screen shots she made of registration. Rosa made annotated screen shots of how to use Voyager for advising.  Rosa asked where we are with creating music degree general advising curricula.  Andy agreed to make a draft.

Beth volunteered to divide up the 1st year advising syllabus into chronological or thematic sections as distinct documents.  We will add links for each type of advising meeting and have shorter documents for each meeting type.

Pete added a category for transfer students. Curt talked with Leah about adding more for international student advising.

Advisor Holds: Fewer per year starting this year.  Holds are not being reset in the middle of terms 1 and 2. Monita relayed that Human Capital found that having an increased number of registration holds is correlated with lower retention. These holds are advisor holds, student account holds, and medical form holds. We will add this discussion to a future agenda.

Issues raised by conversation with Katie Kodat:
Structure of Advising: We need to have a recommendation for the structure of advising by February. Who will oversee?  Who will assign students to advisors?  Reassign?  Faculty development? Rosa will give us a list of the jobs currently being done by her and what she wishes she could do.

Seniors missing graduation or major requirements:
Add to advising curriculum about getting GERs checked and completed. And add a road map of general education requirements.

Need to be sure that seniors can fulfill their GERs – we need to look at some department rules about freshman/sophomore courses.  And think about making sure that students who might fail a GER do it early enough for a re-take.

Need 2 lists: courses with no pre-requisites and courses for non-majors.

For next meeting: 1. We need to decide about summer advising. We had less summer melt in the last 3 summers. Cost is $15,000 currently.  2. Assignment: Create paths through the GERs from each of our divisions.