Advising Committee meeting minutes October 8, 2019
Present: Rosa Tapia, Linnet Ramos, Curt Lauderdale, Beth De Stasio, Andy Mast, Pete Gilbert, Angi Long

Brainstormed ideas for the year’s activities:

  • Future committee plans – structure, mission, goals, leadership, etc.
  • Structured training for new advisors – Linnet Ramos volunteered to lead this as she is currently in a cohort of new advisors. June might be a better time for this than August or September. Some type of training beyond an FAQ sheet would be helpful  - perhaps a 2-hour session or a morning? An on-going list of questions and concerns is being kept so that future cohorts of new advisors may benefit from it. 9th week of spring term was discussed as a time to catch new faculty who will be advising the next fall. Rosa and Linnet will work on this.
  • Beth asked how advising was going to fit into the Mellon RTP Task Force work, and it was mentioned that Rosa and/or any other members of the advising committees should be invited to be part of those discussions. Andy will talk to Bob Williams (chair of the Mellon task force) about making that happen.
  • Angi mentioned that at a recent staff meeting there was discussion of having staff members, particularly those in student life, serve as advisors. Curt discussed current limitations in staff that would be problematic. Rosa also brought up a model that was discussed of a three-part advising structure, which is currently covered by Core.
  • The role that advising plays in job descriptions and offer letters was discussed, as was how it affects reappointment and tenure.
  • Discussion moved to the possibility of faculty receiving some kind of teaching credit for advising- perhaps having students sign up with an advisor the same way they register for a class would enable this.
  • Nancy’s report on GERs was tabled for a future meeting. Angi discussed that her main concern from that report was that seniors should not be surprised by anything during their final year.
  • Welcome Week was similarly tabled
  • We also need to finish the advising curriculum and the BMus advising curriculum