Committtee on Academic Advising

In attendance: Pete Gilbert, Monita Mohammadian Gray, Curt Lauderdale, Angi Long, Andy Mast, Beth De Stasio, Rosa Tapia

The committee would like to obtain and examine the most recent data on:
-CPR completion
-Completion of faculty surveys about MTRP advising meetings:
• Student completed Self-evaluation:   Yes/No
• Student seems to be doing satisfactory work: Yes/ No
• I have referred the student to: [Answers will vary]  
• I plan to track the student's progress during the rest of the term: Yes/No
• I had contact with student during Mid-term Reading Period: Yes/No
• Additional comments: [Answers will vary]

Faculty will be advised to use the students’ MTRP questionnaire as a conversation guide for the meeting:

1. In general, what are the ways in which Lawrence is meeting or not meeting your expectations?
2. What experiences at Lawrence have been most rewarding?
3. What experiences at Lawrence have been most frustrating?
4. What have you found to be the most stimulating academic or intellectual experience so far?
5. What study strategies have you found to be most useful?
6. What study strategies have you found to be least effective?
7. Which campus resources have you used?
8. Given your experiences so far, how do you anticipate approaching the second part of the term?
9. What additional campus resources do you think could help you complete the term successfully?
10. What has been your experience with your CORE group this term?
11. Other comments?

The committee thought it would be a good idea to use the Moodle news forum for messaging faculty about advising-related matters. Angi, Monita and Curt would be added with their individual accounts. (We need to request Moodle access for them.) We should find a way to message students via text or app about important deadlines and meetings related to registration and advising.

We added to our to-do list the task to review the collection of emails from CAS, Registrar and me to students and advisors, starting with summer advising. We should classify these emails by audience and also check auto-generated emails.

Angi Long provided a brief report during the final part of the meeting about issues related to advising and registration for transfer students. Pete met with Nancy Truesdell to discuss the matter of transfer students. The most pressing challenges are related to communication, a perceived need for earlier contact, and a general lack of information about registration and available courses for transfer students.

One aspect of the challenge for transfer students is that registration closes at the end of the fall. Why? Should we leave it open? Only for transfers? For all students? If so, we should communicate to students that advisors may not available during winter break.

There is a new proposal to allow students to identify themselves as a transfer or as a new student so that we can meet their needs more appropriately. It was also recommended to have a point person for advising (incl. transfers) in each department, as well as an initial cohort advisor for the first year at least.

This discussion will continue in future meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Rosa Tapia