Advising Committee Minutes 10/15/19
Present: Rosa, Curt, Andrew, Angi, Beth Monita, Linnett

Friday November 8th or 15th to meet with the Mellon RTP task force steering committee on Campus Center Arthur Vining Davis room.

Next week’s meeting will be dedicated to preparations for this meeting.

Welcome Week and Summer Advising

Summer Advising being done by all new advisors is not feasible, faculty are not contracted to work in the summer and we wouldn’t have everyone doing it.

Advising Meeting, maybe by summer advisors
Goal: What is advising? Expectations of students, nuts & bolts of registration
1:1 Advising Meetings – dedicated time with no mandatory conflicts, 9-12 and 1-4 on Thursday
FRST 100 1st session on Wednesday for a more general academic orientation for new students only.  Goal: Unpack Hidden Curriculum, How to read Syllabus,
Placement exams – at one time? Accommodations?
Exploring your academic future – Wed/Thurs
Double degree advising
Registration –  ideally one group, but Thursday evening and Friday morning
Transfer registration
Studio classes in the conservatory
Double Degree breakfast
Theory test & BKS test
Welcome week choir
Practice time for con students

Idea: Spread out the introduction of resources throughout term 1?