Academic Advising Committee
Minutes of a Meeting
7 January 2020, 11am

In attendance: Rosa Tapia, Beth De Stasio, Curt Lauderdale, Angi Long, Andrew Mast, Pete Gilbert, Linnet Ramos

Rosa sent out the agenda before the meeting:
1. Meeting with Grace Kutney and Mike O’Connor to discuss strengthening connections between academic advising and CLC advising.

Grace introduced herself and discussed career communities.
-she oversees 2/8 communities (physical and natural science, technology and data science)
-communities provide students with 1) content (e.g. internships, professional associations, workshops, alumni connections) and 2) peer to peer dialogue (student-alumni, student-employer).
-Two key points regarding communities:
1) communities are structured to be reduce barriers and be judgement free spaces for students to explore career options.
2) communities do not require students to have a specific major or set of established skills to join.
-goal is for faculty to be connected to career communities in the future

Mike introduced himself and actively described Viking Connect, which should launch at the end of January 2020. This is a resource created to help students explore and find opportunities to leverage academic skills acquired at LU. Unfortunately, LU students lack savvy professional networking skills compared to other institutions.
-Viking Connect is made possible by the help of committed and dedicated alumni (it resembles LinkedIn, but for the LU community).
-Key features of Viking Connect:
- has various search options (major, field, city)
- email templates for students to facilitate communication with alumni
- calendar syncing options so students can schedule video chats with alumni
- provides an easy tool for alumni and students to make more meaningful connections
- alumni choose to be a part of this resource
- rating system for students and alumni, which will be used by CLC staff to provide direct feedback to students and alumni
- Role for advisors would be to sit down and show students this resource. As advisors, we all have access to Viking Connect.
- Beth suggested that CLC reach out to specific departments and ask if they know of any alumni who would be interested in joining.
- Angi mentioned that it would be great to expand this so that alumni could reach out to alumni for help regarding interviews,

2. At 11:30AM, faculty from governance joined us (Scott Corry, Mark Phelan, Lori Hilt, Nancy Wall, Kim Dickson) to discuss lack of planning and communication with faculty regarding Welcome Week. Several faculty reported that the schedule radically shifted to having too many mandatory events that conflicted with advising.
- Rosa Tapia met with Peter Blitstein, Monita Mohammadian Gray, and Greg Griffin in December about welcome week events and advising. They discussed several options including keeping the dessert half hour but utilizing different spaces on campus or within the Warch campus center, doing it w/ technology, and whether it was worth keeping.
- It was noted that the purpose of the meeting is essentially to schedule individual meetings with advisors and to help students navigate more complicated tasks like placement exams. Further discussion is required to determine the format of advising during Welcome Week.
- Focus switched to welcome week as a whole and what its purpose is.
- The general consensus was that planning and organization pertaining to Welcome Week and how it’s communicated with faculty needs to change because several faculty feel as though communication was nonexistent last year.
- It was suggested that the Welcome Week calendar be completed earlier in the year (April/May vs. August).
- Several folks should be involved in planning and reviewing the Welcome Week calendar in addition to Student Life colleagues, including (but not limited to): library, CAS, Registrar, chairs of programs administering placement exams (for Con and College), members of Student Success committee, Advising Committee, Provost, and the VP for Diversity and Inclusion.
- It was suggested that the President’s Cabinet needs to be involved in order to change how Welcome Week is currently designed.
- Also noted was that Greg Griffin, Curt Lauderdale and Chris Card are essential players in scheduling Welcome Week and the Office of the Provost needs to be actively involved in the integration of academic events during Welcome Week, including advising and registration events and meetings.