Minutes of Advising Committee 1/28/2020

Present: Beth De Stasio, Pete Gilbert, Monita Gray, Curt Lauderdale, Angi Long, Andy Mast, Rosa Tapia (Fearless Leader)
Absent: Linnet Ramos

New Business: We went over the position description for a new position in admissions for Director of Transfer Student Admissions and Transition.  This position would be 75% student life in the fall to help with transition and the rest of the time working in admissions only. Two duties are related to advising: #8: ‘Work closely with faculty advisors and staff who support transfer students’.  We wondered what ‘work closely’ means?  Will they be training faculty advisors to work with transfer students?  And #13: ‘Advise students on academic course selection pre-admission to ensure successful transition….’

Goal is 40 transfers per year (compared to 13-20 now).
Angi explained the new definition of transfer students: equivalent of 4 LU courses (12 semester hours) of credit on a university/college transcript.  Associate of arts and Associate degree of science would also be automatically be labeled as a transfer student, but not an Associates in Applied Science (like associates in nursing).

We discussed having ‘super advisors’ in each division who are trained to deal well with transfer students, or each department.  Perhaps 2 per division. Discussed the idea of having 1 of each of these be a member of the advising committee.

Registration Items, Angi Long
New registration portal is being piloted by student workers in admissions.
The previous portal has been customized over a 10 year period.  Both portals will be open for 1-2 years. Not sure when it will be turned on for everyone.

Degree Works: Working with IT.  Will take a 75% time person to manage this for departments and programs.  Have the ok to hire a 3-year term employee to make this happen. 12-18 month implementation to build the system and getting it interacting with Banner (though both are owned by the same company). IT can support this in October. Degree Works will start their part of the build in July or so (contract is forthcoming).  B.M.A. is holding things up with I.T.

638 students have not declared a major as of this week (out of 1460 total students = 44%).
80 of these undeclared students are juniors and seniors.
70 students have declared their major since the fall snapshot was taken.

Not a good reflection of top majors being reported to places like Princeton review as some majors (Economics & English) have students declaring late (when comparing total declared majors to # of majors at graduation)

Talked about moving major declaration on-line with a hard deadline of April 1. 
Next year, make it an on-line form. This is a catalog change and will need to come to the faculty through the instruction committee.
New timing for major/minor completion forms: 8th week winter term, forms will be sent to advisors.

Road map for all degree programs (Rosa & Andy), one is needed for BMA degree program. Andy and Jeff are working on this and other conservatory degrees, as well as creating a summer advising script.

Welcome Week (Rosa & Curt): People agree that planning needs to be done earlier with final schedule by May 1. Greg and Curt will lead a conversation after trustee meeting to get scheduling started. Academic information Meetings will be coordinated by Associate Dean of the Faculty.

Sunstone: update next week.

Training for new Advisors (Rosa): Happens too late relative to welcome week.  Move this up to before the spring. Training must be mandatory and very nuts and bolts. Have a mid-career person leading.

Advisor Manual (Rosa & Beth): We are making the advising curriculum more concise and readable and less like one large document. Planning to have sections that are expandable and searchable. Need it to be mobile-friendly. Will reach out to different faculty members of different stages of their advising careers for feedback/Beta Testing.  Beth agreed to outline a curriculum for students beyond the first year. Pete Gilbert is working on a section about transfer students which would hopefully be further modified by the person who takes the new position in admissions.