Academic Advising Committee
Minutes of a Meeting
14 January 2020, 11am

In attendance: Rosa Tapia, Beth De Stasio, Monita Mohammadian Gray, Curt Lauderdale, Andrew Mast, Linnet Ramos, Pete Gilbert

1. Minutes
Linnet asked what to do with minutes once they’re done. The short answer is: send them to Pete. He’ll post them on the AAC website:

2. The Past
• Rosa reminded us about last week’s meeting, which generated continued discussion about Welcome Week (WW).
• Curt reports that, “there’s some progress being made” on the way to planning for next fall’s Week. Separate conversations are going on but The Cabinet needs to weigh in on what needs to happen.
• Welcoming vs. orientation: probably a quarter of the incoming class will be on campus before WW even starts (between the Summer Institute (SI) and athletics).
• Move-in Day is no longer the kick-off to the new school year.
• What happens in late August for these on-campus students?
• Without CORE, can we make use of SI students during WW?
• Or is there an opportunity to hire temporary staff to connect with new students in the spring and early summer and then provide support for SI/athletes in August and WW in September?
• How much welcoming and orientation can we do virtually?
• What can we expect for faculty involvement with early admits?
• Early and frequent communication will be vital so that students know what to expect, especially regarding faculty/advising contacts. Could/should the AAC (or Director of Advising) send a letter to new students laying out a timeline for advising-related contacts?
• Could we spread out traditional WW activities? Host virtual AIMs in the spring?
• We should also get some data regarding the retention of students who get summer advising vs those who do not.
• We’ll invite Dean Anselment to one of our meetings.

3. The Future
• No meeting next week (January 21). We’ll meet again on January 28.
• Rosa will take advantage of all of our free time during the next two weeks to meet with us individually about our advising-related projects. So get to work.
• We discussed plans to release our Moodle site. We hope to have content in pretty good shape by the end of January. We’ll get it organized to our satisfaction and ask various faculty to be beta testers. The goal is to have it ready to release at the end of winter term and actually release it at the beginning of spring term.
• We discussed the issue of Advisors on Leave (the new reality show). Department chairs are intended to be the backup advisors. We need to make sure that’s clear to students, advisors going on leave, and the chairs.
• We discussed the issue of Students on Leave and how CAS plans to keep in touch with them while they’re off-campus.
• And we discussed the advantages of wrapping CPRs into Sunstone. The disadvantage is that Sunstone is not a student-facing tool – but maybe it could be.
• Pete distributed an “end-of-fall-term committee progress report” and that seemed to kill the discussion.

Respectfully submitted,
Pete Gilbert, Secretary o’ the Day