Academic Advising Committee
Minutes of a Meeting
17 September 2019, 11am

In attendance:  Rosa Tapia, Beth De Stasio, Linnet Ramos, Angi Long, Curt Lauderdale, Monita Mohammadian Gray, Pete Gilbert

Rosa called the meeting to order at 11am.  We greeted one another warmly.

Rosa gave us a brief history of last year’s Advising Task Force, reminded us that the committee has a website (, and noted the importance of the Committee’s purpose.

We then went around the table and shared our advising-related experience, knowledge, and questions. We have lots of all of these.

A wide-ranging discussion ensued:

  • AAC was created to deal with advising issues and to develop a structure for advising support.
  • In the current structure, CAS supports students and the Director of Advising supports faculty by working closely with CAS, assigning students to advisors (or advisors to students), dealing with specific problems, coordinating professional development for advisors, and related duties.
  • A new tool will allow the Registrar to “mass load” advisees, keeping them from having to assign them all individually.
  • The question has been raised (in other venues; not by us) of whether we need a “Director of Advising.”  The sense of the Committee was “Well, duh! Of course we do!”
  • Unfortunately, the Director of Advising has no budget and no staff so is hard-pressed to make significant progress.
  • New and newer faculty have lots of questions about how advising works at LU. How do we better support them? There are plans for regular advising lunches, which might help.  Maybe advising “visits” with experienced advisors?
  • There’s a lot of disparity in advising attitude, technique, style, etc. We need structure, guidelines, clearer objectives, ways to learn the nuts and bolts, ways to see what students see in Voyager, a central resource…

Speaking of central resources – we decided that an advising Moodle would be a good place to start stashing information, resources, links… and we began outlining what a table of contents for such a beast might look like.

Image ofwhiteboard scribblings for Moodle

We’ll meet again next week (Tuesday 24 September at 11am in MH 306).  Send resources, etc. to Rosa for possible inclusion in the Moodle and we’ll continue working on that project. We may also discuss Advising and Welcome Week: the Wonders Appertaining Thereunto.