DAY TRIPS are excursions up to 200 miles from campus, returning the same day.

For group travel, the faculty/staff trip leader or sponsor should arrange for transportation using a Lawrence fleet vehicle, rental van, or bus as described in the vehicle use policy.  All drivers must be authorized drivers and must conform to the requirements of the vehicle use policy concerning age, permissible roads and speeds, and required rest periods.  Student drivers traveling without faculty/staff should schedule a pre-trip meeting with the Associate Dean of the Faculty.

Vehicle Use Policy, Authorized Driver Application, & Vehicle Reservation


Prior to departure, the trip leader or sponsor should send an email to with the following trip information:

This email is to inform you that GROUP/CLASS NAME will be off campus engaging in ACTIVITY at LOCATION NAME AND ADDRESS from START TIME to END TIME on DAY, MONTH, DATE.  COORDINATOR NAME is the trip coordinator and can be reached at PHONE NUMBER.  The driver(s) are DRIVER NAMES and can be reached at DRIVER PHONE NUMBERS.  Students participating are LIST OF STUDENT NAMES.

Individual students are generally not permitted to use fleet vehicles. Any use of a fleet vehicle by an individual student for an academic excursion requires approval from the Associate Dean of the Faculty.