Travel to Björklunden

Björklunden is Lawrence’s northern campus in Door County, Wisconsin.  Björklunden is used in the summer for seminars and public performances and on weekends throughout the academic year for academic and co-curricular activities.

Students are not permitted to drive personal vehicles to Björklunden.  Students traveling to Björklunden should ride the bus from the Appleton campus on Friday evening and return on the bus on Sunday afternoon.  At times a van shuttle may be scheduled on Saturday morning to bring students to Björklunden who could not travel on Friday due to an academic conflict; those students will be dropped off and expected to return on the bus on Sunday afternoon.

Faculty and staff may ride the Björklunden bus or drive a personal vehicle at their own expense.  Carpooling is encouraged.  Faculty or staff who transport Lawrence faculty, staff, students, guest speakers, or equipment must be authorized drivers and personal vehicles must have insurance that meets the standards in the vehicle use policyFleet vehicles may not be used for travel to Björklunden unless they are required for university-related travel in Door County or to transport equipment that cannot be taken on the bus.  Requests to use a fleet vehicle must be approved by the Associate Dean of the Faculty.  Departments also have the option of renting a vehicle at their department's expense with department chair approval.