Audition Requirements

Percussion auditions will be offered in Interlochen and on campus.

Audition expectations in the areas of Mallet Keyboard, Snare Drum, Timpani, and Drum Set:

Students wishing to be in the Jazz Emphasis degree need to demonstrate some level of concert snare drum and mallet keyboard skills. But their audition emphasis will be on the instrument they wish to pursue for the jazz degree, such as drum set or vibraphone.

All students wanting to enter into the Bachelor of Music degree in percussion must audition demonstrating their skill in the three basic areas of snare drum, mallet keyboard, and timpani.

  • Marimba: sight reading for two mallets; play two contrasting styles of music for 2 and/or 4 mallets. Examples of music could be from Bach's violin or cello works, Musser Etudes, works by Abe/Stout/Sammut/Friedman/Smadbeck and others. More beginning to intermediate works would be by Peters, Pimentel, Houllif, etc.
  • Snare Drum: Concert style most important to perform. Rudimental will be heard as well if the student wishes. Etudes from Delecluse, Cirone, Peters, Aleo, Tomkins, Wilcoxon, Pratt, are good choices to select from.
  • Timpani: 2 or 4 drum étude. Etudes from method books by Goodman, Hinger, Carroll, Hochrainer, Firth, Lepak are good sources. March from Carter's 8 pieces for timpani is a good 4 drum work for more advanced students.
  • Drum Set: Demonstrate an open improvisation in any style. Play bebop (uptempo and medium); Funk in any time signature accept 4/4; Brazilian styles---bossa nova, samba, baiao; Latin styles---mambo, songo, bembe.

Students may contact Dane Richeson or visit the percussion studio website for repertoire examples.


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