Summer Resource Activities

Over your first five terms of study in the Conservatory, you will be enrolled in the core music theory sequence, consisting of complementary co-requisite courses in music theory, aural skills, and sight singing. Success in these core courses depends on whether you have achieved proficiency in the fundamentals of music theory prior to the start of classes. To help you achieve this proficiency, the music theory faculty has created these two resource activities for you to complete over the summer: 

  • Music Theory Preliminary Assessment (to be completed within two weeks of depositing)
    This brief assessment tool will measure your current level of proficiency in the fundamentals of music theory and aural skills. Upon completing the Music Theory Preliminary Assessment, you will receive an Enrollment Key for the E-course.

  • Music Theory Fundamentals E-course (available upon completion of the Music Theory Preliminary Assessment)
    The E-course serves as a complete learning resource, with video tutorials, practice drills, and unit quizzes for each of the six chapters.

(Please note: All of these links will take you to the Moodle learning management system, to which you can login using your Lawrence username and password.)

Theory Placement Information

In addition, you will need to complete Lawrence’s Music Theory Placement Exam between July 15 and August 24, which will determine your placement into one of six sections of music theory, aural skills, and sight singing. Follow this link to find out more about the Music Theory placement exams: