From Dr. Karen Leigh-Post, Department Chair, Voice

Welcome entering voice students! If you are wondering about studio placement in the fall, here's the process.

Voice Studio Placement Auditions

All entering students who wish to register for voice lessons are required to sing a studio placement audition during New Student Week Orientation. We acknowledge that those of you who auditioned for us last winter have continued your vocal studies and we look forward to hearing you as you are now.

For your audition, please prepare from memory one song or aria of your choice. Remember to bring an easily readable copy of your score for the collaborative pianist who will play for your audition.

Studio Placement

First you should know that if we have admitted you to the conservatory as voice majors, any of us would be pleased to teach you.  (Non-majors will be placed on a competitive, space-available basis.) Furthermore, you will have some course work from each of us and can therefore take advantage of the strengths of all. However, for obvious reasons, the voice faculty will make studio assignments, taking into consideration your particular performance skills and needs, and faculty availability.

Those who have good reason to request a particular studio teacher (typically based on a teacher recommendation, alumni connection, or personal knowledge of a teacher’s work) may do so with a written request sent by email to the chair of the voice department (Karen Leigh-Post) and to the teacher being requested no later than the morning of placement auditions. While we cannot guarantee placement, we are often able to honor studio requests. Please note that a studio request does not exempt you from a studio placement audition.
Happily, whether you select one of us, or we select you, the vast majority of students establish a healthy, productive working relationship with their new teacher here. If the relationship is not sufficiently productive, we will work with you to facilitate a change. Our collective goal is for you to develop and grow as a young artist.


Please read the other materials sent to you about choir auditions, music theory, keyboard skills, freshman studies, etc., Do your best to take advantage of the advice offered.  In that way you will come to Lawrence in the fall well prepared to begin your degree work here.  Hard work early on pays big dividends toward your success and enjoyment of this first year.  We are excited to welcome you to campus and begin our work together! 

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to write to me at:

Dr. Karen Leigh-Post
Chair, Voice Department
Professor of Music — Voice, Voice Science & Pedagogy