1. All Crew members should be familiar with:
    • Harper Hall engineering
    • Harper Hall stage managing
    • Chapel stage managing
  2. Before working a solo event, each new Crew member is required to shadow at least:
    • TWO Harper Hall engineering events
    • ONE Harper Hall stage managing event
    • ONE Chapel stage managing event
  3. Dress for stage managing is all-black (preferred) or white-top-black-bottom
  4. You should always arrive one hour prior to the start of each event.
  5. Scheduling meetings take place three times a term. Attendance is mandatory.
  6. An updated schedule of events is posted on the Web site as a PDF file. You should double check this to make sure that what you have signed up for has been entered correctly into our database. Please let us know if there are any errors or you may be held responsible for events that you missed.
  7. You are responsible for finding a sub if you cannot make an event. This is usually done using the Tech Crew listserv email, and very occasionally by phone. The Crew directory can be found in the Harper Hall recording booth and on the Web site.
  8. Please be aware that professionalism is very important for the Crew. Members of the Conservatory rely on us to make sure recitals and concerts run smoothly. Therefore, we have a one-strike only policy for termination of Crew members.