Summer Institute for international students

Ease your transition into Lawrence University.

The Summer Institute (SI) is held in the three weeks leading up to International Student Orientation and Welcome Week. This unique program is designed to introduce you to learning in the liberal arts tradition and provide you will invaluable skills and resources before beginning your first college course. This year the Summer Institute will be conducted online and will begin on August 15 and run through September 5.

You will spend these weeks engaging in intensive academic discussions, thesis-driven essays, and critical thinking about texts and lectures, earning 3 units of college coursework upon completion. In addition to preparing yourself to excel academically, you will also have the opportunity to adjust to college life before the rest of the freshmen class.

Engaging Curriculum

Complete two mini-courses for a total of 3 credit units. Your SIIS seminar will emphasize close reading of texts, active participation in classroom discussions, and the development of writing skills for analytical thesis-driven essays. Topics in Psychology allow you to discuss theories and research from different areas of psychology that will likely change the way you think about yourself and the world around you.

Lifelong Friendships

"Being part of SIIS was a wonderful experience, in which I was able to prepare for the challenges that college brings. I was also able to meet new people from different backgrounds as me and make new friends that I still have to this day. It really was an incredible experience and I am happy to have taken part of it." - Julian Garrido '19

Build Relationships

"SIIS really helped me to learn about Lawrence class structures, faculty, and campus resources quickly, and to build up friendships with other students. These experiences essentially improved my academic performance when the school actually started!" - Alice (Manxin) Luo '19

Explore community

Lawrence upperclassmen serving as Program Assistants lead recreational and social activities such as bowling, picnics, hiking, and movies. At the conclusion of SIIS, students, staff, and faculty spend a weekend at Björklunden, Lawrence's northern campus on the shore of Lake Michigan in Door County.