Advising for Theatre Arts

Interested in Theatre, but not sure where to start?
These courses are all great places to explore your interest:

  • THAR 111 Intro to Theatre
  • THAR 135 Stagecraft
  • THAR 137 Costume Crafts and Technology
  • THAR 187 Acting 1


Pursuing a Theatre Arts Major?
Things you need to do:

Core Curriculum
*Need to complete all units within C.C.*

___ THAR 135: Stagecraft OR THAR 137: Costume Crafts and Technology
___ THAR 187: Acting I
___ THAR 212: Theatre Traditions I: Greeks through the 18th Century
___ THAR 224: Theatre Traditions II: Romanticism through the Present
___ THAR 231:  Production and Design
___ THAR 327: Playscript Analysis

 ___7 Terms of Production Credit (THAR 355/357)

___ THAR 687: Senior Project (1 unit)

___ Continue a generalist approach with an additional 18 units throughout Theatre Arts course offerings, or choose an 18 unit Area of Emphasis, as follows:


___ Acting II
___ Play Directing
 ___ Additional units in performance-related courses including voice and dance/movement

Design and Technical Theatre
___ Costume Design
___ Set Design
___ Lighting Design
___ Advanced Design Studio
___Any other course in theatre technology

Dramatic Theory, History, and Literature
2 courses in Theatre History
___ Dramatic Theory

___Additional units in a dramatic literature course within the Departments of Theatre Arts/English/Foreign Language
 *Students who intend to pursue graduate studies in this area are urged to continue their foreign language studies to the level of advanced proficiency.*

Theatre Major Checklist 2021.pdf

Theatre Arts- Minor

Completion of a Lawrence-approved major

  • THAR 111: Introduction to the Theatre
  • THAR 187: Acting I
  • THAR 327: Playscript Analysis
  • THAR 355 or THAR 357: Theatre/Musical  Production Laboratory (3 terms

1 of each option:

THAR 135: Stagecraft ,


THAR 137: Costume Crafts and Technology

THAR 212: Theatre Trads I,


THAR 224:  Theatre Trads II

THAR 477: Acting II,


THAR 231: Production and Design

Any additional course (6 units) in performance, design or Theatre history/literature

Theatre Minor Checklist 2021.pdf