What facilities do we showcase during the Lawrence Physics Workshop?

Participants work with Lawrence physics professors and physics majors in state of the art laboratories:

Laser Laboratory (Laser Palace) Computational Physics Laboratory Surface Physics Laboratory Plasma Physics Laboratory Biophysics Laboratory

Where do students stay while on campus?

Participants will be housed with host students, usually all physics majors or minors themselves. This gives participants a chance to meet peers with whom they would work and study should they choose to attend Lawrence. There are also activities planned outside of the workshop that give them opportunities to get acquainted with one another and other physics students. Participants generally arrive on Friday afternoon and stay until Saturday afternoon when the workshop ends.

More About Lawrence and the Department of Physics

More detailed information about the Department can be found the departmental home page. The following links should be of particular interest to those contemplating participation in this workshop.

  • Department of Physics Faculty and Staff, which provides information about the faculty and staff in the Lawrence Department of Physics and links to faculty member's personal home pages.
  • Course Listings, which provides a description of the overall structure of the physics curriculum at Lawrence and links to course descriptions, some of which contain links to recent course syllabi.
  • Departmental/Institutional Profile, which contains a quick listing of assorted facts about the Department and about Lawrence University.