Gender Studies majors will ideally begin working through the required courses during their first year or early in their second year. We encourage you to declare your GEST major or minor early in the process to ensure you receive advising assistance. Courses do not need to be taken in order; however, it is strongly advised that students take GEST 100 early in their careers, and that they take GEST 240 before fulfilling the theory requirement.

Below is a recommended path through the major, though each student will need to determine their own timing for requirements that ensures all core courses and other degree requirements are met before graduation. Not all courses are offered every year. Questions can be directed to or any GEST faculty.

Recommended path for the Gender Studies major

First Year

GEST 100
Intro to GEST
GEST Entry Level Topics Courses:
  210: Gender, Sports, & Society
  256: Transgender Lives
  222: Music & Gender
  261: Feminism & Philosophy
  280: Topics in GEST (varies)
  ...and many others!



Second and Third Year

GEST 240
Methods in GEST
GEST 110: Gender & Feminism in Historical Perspective*
or GEST 350: Anthropology of Gender*
GEST 180: Biology of Human Reproduction*
or GEST 270: Psychology of Gender*



Third and Fourth Years

GEST 301
Intersectional Feminist
GEST 300
Intro to Queer Theory*
Capstone Submissions:
  • Preliminary application form (Spring 3rd year)
  • Capstone proposal form (varies pending project)
  • Capstone presentation (Spring 4th year)
Senior capstone project via
600-level GEST IS, GEST tutorial,
or a comparable course
GEST Upper Level Topics Courses:
  315: Gender in 20th Century Africa
  320: Perspectives of Native American Women
  325: Black, Brown, & Queer on Film
  353: Women in Buddhism
  415: 19th Century American Women Writers
  560: Gender & Social Development
  ...and many others!


*may not be offered annually