Advising for French and Francophone Studies


Which French course should I enroll in?

  • If you have never taken or learned French before, you should enroll in FREN 101. 
  • If you have already taken some French, you must first take the online placement test, which you can find via the link "Placement Exams" on the left side of this webpage. This placement test will give you an indication of which course you should take. Please take this test only once. Please note that simply placing above FREN 200 does NOT satisfy the Lawrence language requirement. Students wishing to place out of the FL requirement in French should either furnish proof of having received a 4 or higher on the French AP exam or they should complete a proficiency exam (written and oral) administered by the FFS department chair.
  • If you test into "202+" you have a choice of taking either FREN 202 (a review of intermediate reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills) or a 300-level course (introductory literature, film, culture courses). 


Attendance policy for French and Francophone Studies:

  • In general, it will not be possible for students to pass a FREN course if they miss more than ~25% of class meetings. For example, in a course that meets 3 times per week, students may miss a maximum of 7 class meetings. 9 total absences are allowed in a course that meets 4 times per week. For a course that meets 5 times per week, this equals 12 absences. ANY additional absence for ANY reason, excused or unexcused, would result in the student automatically failing / being asked to withdraw from the course. Students will be informed of these requirements at the beginning of the term so that they may communicate with all involved parties as soon as possible in the event of personal difficulty (hopefully well before the maximum number of allowed absences is reached).