Film Studies Check Out

Student checking out equipment

Reserving Equipment

Reserve equipment on our online checkout system SISO by following this link:

If you have any questions or concerns please email our program support coordinator, José Lozano, at , call or text (only M-F 9am-5pm) at 9202776324.

Welcome to Lawrence University Film Studies Check Out!


All equipment necessary to complete FIST class assignments will be made available to students through the Equipment Room.

Check your course materials for info on what equipment is assigned to your class.

Bring your student ID to collect and return your equipment.

Be sure you check your order, look over the equipment, and understand the time your equipment is due back before you sign the custody sheet. Once you have signed, you are liable for any damage or replacement costs. Even though we will be systematically disinfecting all returned equipment, at checkout we will provide some disinfecting wipes if you wish to wipe down the equipment being lent to you.

Please report any missing or faulty equipment immediately so we can make the necessary repairs.

Once you sign out equipment, you are responsible for that equipment, and liable for all repair and/or replacement costs if that equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen– so use good judgment!

Be sure to return your equipment on time, or you will be required to submit a detailed essay explanation on the matter.

Further details for the Hurvis Film Center and checkout policies are fully outlined in the Policies and Procedures document that you should receive from your professor at the start of term, if you have not, please ask for the document from our program support coordinator, José Lozano,

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