Pre-Student Teaching Portfolio

Before you may student teach, you must prepare a portfolio for department review.  You will build this portfolio in your e-folder in the Teacher Certification share space.  In it you will place artifacts (samples of your work) and a commentary on how that work demonstrates your progress toward meeting the teacher education program standards.  A member of the education faculty will review your portfolio, offer feedback, and approve your continuation into student teaching.

Your Pre-Student Teaching Portfolio will address the following:

Standards Evidence
Content Knowledge Transcript (major courses & GPA), test scores (Praxis II or ACTFL)
Pedagogical Practice Lesson plans, assessments, teaching video
Student Engagement Teaching video
Adaptive Expertise Lesson plans
Professional Conduct Practicum evaluations, teaching video
Educational Mission Course paper from EDST 440


You will be given directions for the portfolio during the spring term of the year prior to student teaching.  All of the necessary documents and resources will be available to you on the Pre-ST Portfolio Moodle site.  You must place your portfolio in your e-folder before you leave campus at the end of spring term.

You must submit this portfolio before you will be allowed to begin student teaching.

Final Teaching Portfolio (with edTPA)

While student teaching, you will prepare a final portfolio demonstrating that you meet Lawrence’s 13 Teacher Education Program Standards.

The Final Teaching Portfolio includes the following items added by you to your Teacher Certification e-folder:

  • edTPA - class profile, lesson plans and materials, teaching videos, student work samples, and commentaries on planning, instruction, and assessment
  • Reflective essay - an essay on your student teaching experience addressing the required topics in the student teaching syllabus

The portfolio also includes the following items added by the department:

  • Student teaching evaluations - the final evaluations from your cooperating teacher and university supervisor
  • Final transcript
  • Test scores (if applicable)

For the edTPA, you will choose a learning segment of three to five lessons in one class; gather lesson plans, materials, and student work samples; record your teaching; and submit these documents and video clips along with written commentaries on planning, instruction, and assessment.  Instructions and prompts for the commentaries can be found in the edTPA handbook for your subject area.  Directions and resources are provided in the student teaching seminar and on the edTPA Moodle site.

The edTPA is professionally scored for $300. The required score for Lawrence to certify you for licensure is 38 or higher (32 for world languages, 45 for elementary); other states have their own requirements listed at A candidate who does not achieve the passing score may retake some or all of the edTPA; guidance is provided by the department.

Your Final Teaching Portfolio (Teacher Certification e-folder) must be complete and approved by the certifying officer before you can be certified for licensure.  If your portfolio is not approved, you will be asked to revise and resubmit it.  Once your portfolio has been approved, you should check with the department for any remaining requirements (coursework, etc.) or steps (TB test, background check, license application) needed to obtain a teaching license.

If your Final Teaching Portfolio has not been approved by August 31, you may need to complete an additional nine weeks of student teaching to be eligible for certification for licensure.